Summer time

With the switch to summer time this weekend, I tried to figure out how to properly configure time on my Debian system. It’s always hard to find the right search terms, so in case you have the same questions and didn’t find what you’re looking for yet: this is the most reliable and comprehensive documentation I came across. Explains everything from the date command to time zones, and from the network time protocol (NTP) to the hardware clock (edit: and of course it also explains how daylight saving time is handled!). Hope it helps…

(My system happened to be badly configured – not sure when/where I went wrong, but ntpd wasn’t running although I had installed and set it up before. That’s probably because the clock was an hour off, which made it panic. I got it back on track using ntpdate to set the clock, then doing “/etc/init.d/ntp restart”. Also, for some reason the system thought my hardware clock was on local time – it’s not – so I corrected that now with “hwclock –utc –systohc” which also adjusts the hardware clock to the ntp-provided time. edit: and in addition I should have edited /etc/default/rcS – as is in fact mentioned on the page I linked to above…)


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