Dell shipping revamped Ubuntu 8.04 with the Mini 10

Update: it looks like I’m sucking in a lot of search engine traffic relating to Poulsbo / GMA500 on Linux – that was unintentional because there’s no information here. Please look at Adam Williamson’s work on a native driver for Poulsbo instead.

Update 2: I came across some Ubuntu-specific notes which should be useful too.

I was a bit surprised by Dell’s announcement just now: it seems they’ve gone through some real efforts to make Ubuntu 8.04 look all 2009ish on their latest netbook entry-level notebook. Let me try and be all 2009ish too, and include some of their Flash-terrorism YouTube footage:

Don’t worry,  I haven’t suddenly become a sucker for fancy “iconography” (apparently that has a whole different meaning “in the office of the CTO” – don’t take this badly, Dell, I am a fan!), nor have I finally grown fond of NetworkManager, but seriously: WWAN support is pretty cool, and having it neatly integrated is even better.

Actually, I’m just really pleased to see what importance Dell seem to be assigning their Ubuntu programme these days. This little cheapling has Intel’s Poulsbo chipset (just like the Mini 12), which is great for power consumption, but apparently a real chore when it comes to Linux support. As far as I’m aware, no other vendor is even trying to support it. In addition, also to keep the price low, there’s the ever troublesome Broadcom wifi chip, “official” Linux-support for which was supposedly also negotiated by Dell. I’m guessing there was no way they’d get all that working on 9.04, but to make up for that they backported the NM improvements and updated the “iconography” (sorry).

I’m just saying, that’s a lot of effort when you have a business partner called Microsoft that’s giving you Windows XP basically for free…

Ok, enough Ubuntu/Dell fanboyism for one day. Good night!

P.S.: Rik – if you happen to read this – I didn’t know they had a 6-cell battery coming (I told the guy to get a Samsung instead…)!


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  1. 1 Mackenzie 7 May 2009 at 22:19

    8.10 & 9.04 both released with that Broadcom driver included by default. Just enable it in the hardware manager. It was added 8.04 later (since it was developed for 8.10).

  2. 2 yungchin 7 May 2009 at 22:36

    Hi, thanks. So I guess now it’s only the GMA500 that’s causing the pain then.

    I’m slowly turning into a dinosaur, running 8.04… but hey, It Just Works :)

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