OpenSolaris’ ARM port

I’m usually too slow to catch onto news items like this. This time ’round, Sybreon dropped it onto my Google Reader home page – thanks dude :)

Two things I thought:

It’s worth mentioning that Ian Murdock said this will form the basis for “Solaris 11”.

The ARM port makes a lot of sense to me. I can imagine companies being interested in having all their employees’ smartphones becoming first-class members of their company computing ecosystem (did I just write that monster sentence??). I’m sort of thinking: MacOS will be able to offer this, but in a more closed flavour, Linux will be able to offer this, but in a more heterogeneous flavour, and Solaris could sort of offer the middle ground between those.

I know, I probably sound as “head in the clouds” as Jonathan Schwartz right now. Anyway, having multiple solutions can only be good: some companies will be looking for the flexibility of Linux offerings, but others may like the fact they can get it all from one vendor, who not only provides support but also holds the reins on development. A winner in any case will be ARM…


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