Ksplice Trophée du Libre

I’ve repeatedly been whining here about how kernel-update reboots kill productivity, but I also think that delaying security updates is the worse alternative.  So I was very excited to learn about Ksplice, through the LWN announcement of the “Trophées du Libre”. Ksplice is the 2009 winner in the Security category.

A quick snippet from the project page:

Ksplice enables running systems to stay secure without the disruption of rebooting.  Specifically, Ksplice creates rebootless updates that are based on traditional source code patches.  These updates are as effective as traditional updates, but they can be applied seamlessly, with no downtime.

Ksplice currently supports updating the Linux kernel, but the core technology applies to any operating system or to user space applications.

A quick search tells me even ZDNet had already heard of this project over a year ago, so I’m half ashamed that it’s news to me, but I’m too excited to keep it to myself :)


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