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Ok, I moved this weblog to (it was on Blogger before). I wouldn’t even have been looking for something else if it wasn’t for Blogger lacking any decent form of backup options. The “advanced use” section of the help pages has a slightly bizarre option that involves changing your template settings. And then there is a Windows-only tool. I’m sure this will change sometime soon, since Blogger is owned by Google and I believe they support, but it wasn’t soon enough for me – having backup plans in the future doesn’t protect your data (as I also just wrote on my new personal blog)…

WordPress not only allows you to create backups (using an export operation), but also to import your Blogger weblog (how convenient!). I can go on to sum up a lot of other nice features, but in short: I created an account, played around for a bit in the powerful Dashboard interface, and was sold.

Another charming feature is its GPL licensing, which makes your blog even more portable – not only can you take your posts and comments, you can simply set all of them up on a server of your own. In fact, a wordpress package is available in the Etch repository, as I found while I was exploring and comparing alternatives for weblog services. I also found that it almost didn’t make it into Etch – the discussion linked to has a well-balanced discussion about security issues, should you be interested in that sort of thing.

Now that I’ve moved, I’ll set up a complete backup mechanism (doing the xml export is of course only a first, be it essential, step) and will post about that here soon.